Shall I face the Qibla with my back towards the blessed resting place of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ when making du’ā?

Imam Mālik (rahimahu Llah) was asked by the Khalif Abu Ja’far al-Mansūr:

Shall I face the Qibla with my back towards the blessed resting place of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ when making du’ā?


Imam Mālik (rahimahu Llah) replied,

How could you turn your face away from him ﷺ when he is your means (wasīla) and your father Adam’s means to Allah on the Day of Rising? No, rather you should face him ﷺ and ask for his intercession so that Allah will grant it to you, for Allah said, ‘If they had only, when they were unjust to themselves, come to you and asked Allah’s forgiveness, and the Messenger had asked forgiveness for them, they would have found Allah Oft-Returning, Most Merciful (Q4:64)’.

– Narrated by Qādī ‘Iyād in his Shifā’ (2:26-27) and Tartīb al-Madārik (1:113-14) with an authentic chain, Imam Subkī in his Shifā’ as-Siqām (Ch. 4, 7), Qastalānī in his Mawāhib Ladunniya, Ibn Bashkuwal (Qurbah pp. 84), and other


Prophet Muhammad ﷺ’s supplication after the night time prayer

Ibn-i Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him, narrates:

“I once heard the Messenger of Allah ﷺ say the following supplication after the night time prayer:

“O Allah! I ask that You give me from Your Presence such mercy that with it You will guide my heart, regulate my affairs, and put order into my disorder. And that you will fill me with perfect faith, and bestow on my outer, good deeds and You will render my deeds pure and sincere, and inspire me with a suitable way to gain Your pleasure, and give us friends that will be familiar to me and protect me from all manner of evil.

O Allah! Give me such faith, such conviction that leaves no prospect for unbelief. Give me such mercy that with it I can reach a station in this world and the next, which is worthwhile in Your eyes.

O Allah! I ask you for salvation by Your grace in Your judgement of us. I implore of You a special rank worthy of the martyrs (who are close to You), I wish for the life of Your happy slaves, and I ask you for help against our enemies.

O Allah! Even though my understanding is limited and my deeds are few, I bring to your door my (worldly and otherworldly needs) and ask that You meet them. I am in need of Your Mercy, and I present my state to you.

O my Sustainer who judges all affairs and brings them about and who sees the needs of the hearts and offers the cure. As you have separated the seas, I ask that you separate me from the fire of Hell. I ask to be protected from destruction and from the torture of the grave.

O Allah! If there is any goodness in any of your slaves or any bounty that You have promised Your creatures that I have not been able to perceive or that has not been included in my intention and has thus remained outside of my petition, then O Lord of the Worlds, I ask You to bring it about and bestow it upon me out of Your mercy.

O Allah! O Possessor of the strong rope and correct path (such as the Qur’an and the religion). On the Day of Judgement on which you have promised the unbelievers hellfire , I ask you for safety against the hellfire, and on the day after which eternity begins I ask you for Paradise along with those angels that have attained to your Great Presence, together with those who made much bowing and prostration in this world, and who kept their promise. You are the Possessor of endless mercy, You are the Possessor of endless love, You do whatever You wish (however much the petitioners ask for and no matter how big You are capable of granting them all.)

O Allah! Make us of those who have not strayed nor caused others to stray and make us guides of guidance who have attained to guidance. Make us vehicles for peace amongst our friends and enemies to our enemies. We love those who love you because of their love for You. We are enemies of those who go against You because of their animosity to You.

O Allah! This is our prayer. It is up to you whether You accept it with your gracious beneficence. This is our struggle and You are our support.

O Allah! Fill my heart with light, and my grave with light; place light in front of me, and light behind me; place light on my right and light on my left; place light above me and light below me; place light in my ears and light in my eyes, and light in my hair and my skin and my flesh and my blood and my bones.

O Allah increase my light, give me such light that it is worth all of what I have said and a light that will encompass everything that I could not say. Glory be to the One Who is enveloped in dignity and Who has made Himself known by His dignity. I glorify the One who has enveloped Himself in greatness and who, for this reason, continually offers extensive bounty to His slaves. I glorify the One who is the only One worthy of glorification and holiness. I glorify the One who possesses majesty and beneficence. I glorify the One who possesses majesty and kindness. He is above all faults”. (Tirmidhi, Deavat,

Countless and choicest Blessings on our Beloved Holy Prophet (May peace and blessings be upon him) and his holy offsprings and companions.

The intercessor of sinners, the friend of the strangers, The Mercy for the Worlds,

The rest of those who burn with love, the goal of those who yearn,

The sun of knowers, the lamp of travellers, The light of Those Brought Near,

The friend of the poor and destitute, The master of Humans and Jinn, The Prophet of the Two Sanctuaries,

The Imam of the Two Qiblas, Our Means in the Two Abodes, The Owner of Qaba Qawsayn,

The Beloved of the Lord of the Two Easts and the Two Wests,

The grandfather of al-Hasan and al-Husayn,

Our patron and the patron of Humans and Jinn: Abu al-Qasim MUHAMMAD Son of `Abd Allah,

A light from the light of Allah.

O you who yearn for the light of his beauty, Send blessings and utmost greetings of peace Upon him and upon his Family


The Family of Fatimah (Alaihi Salaam) are ‘the People of Kisaa’…


Safiyyah the daughter of Shaybah narrates that Ayeshah (RadiAllahu Anha) said, “The Holy Prophetﷺ came out one morning wearing a cloak which had camel saddles woven on to it with black wool. Then Hassan bin Ali (Alaihi Salaam) came and the Holy Prophetﷺ took him under the cloak, then Hussain (Alaihi Salaam) came and entered beneath it with the Holy Prophetﷺ. Then Fatimah (Alaihi Salaam) came and the Holy Prophetﷺ took her under the cloak. Next Ali (Alaihi Salaam) came and the Holy Prophetﷺ also included him beneath it. Then the Holy Prophet Muhammadﷺ recited the verse, ‘Allah only desires to keep away (all kinds of) impurity from you, O ‘people of the house!’ (the Prophet’ s family) and to totally purify you,’ (al-Ahzab 33:33).”



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The Prophet ﷺ once said; “Indeed the stars are the protectors of the skies when they will disappear then that will come which was promised, (meaning the skies will be torn apart). I am the protector of my companions. When I will leave then that will come which was promised, (i.e. disputes). My companions are the protectors of my Ummah. When they will leave, then that will come which was promised to come, (lies, false religions and intermingling with the infidels”)

(Ahmad and Muslim narrate from Abu Musā al-Ash’ari (RadiAllahu anhum).