Martyrdom of the Grandson of RasoolAllah SallAllahu Alaihi wa aalihi wa Sallam

A royal spirit escaped from a prison why should we rend our garments & how should we gnaw our hands. Since they (Hussein & the ‪#‎Ahlulbayt‬ ) are the Kings of the (true) religion, it was the hour of joy for them when they broke these physical bounds.

-Mevlana Rumi rahimahullah

Many had already presented their lives in the way of Allah, only the rider of the shoulder of RasoolAllah SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam, the coolness of the eyes of Fatima, the inheritor of the lion of Allah, the leader of the youth of Paradise, Hazrat Imam Hussain (RadiAllahu Anhum), was left with his ill and weak son Imam Zainul Aabideen, who could barely move from his bed. But he still managed to gather some strength and with a spear in his hand, approached his father and requested, ‘O father, let me go before you. It is not possible for you to be killed whilst I am still alive.’ Imam Hussain (RadiAllahu Anhu) took the ailing son to one side and explained, ‘My dear son, on you lays the responsibility of protecting the women of our family, and you have to escort them back to our land. And from you will continue the progeny of mine and you will inherit the precious belongings of my grandfather and my father. All my hopes are with you. Look, be very patient and enduring; face all the troubles in the way of Allah with boldness and without complaint. In all circumstances, uphold the principles of Islam and the Sunnah of your grandfather Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam. When you reach Madinah, present my Salaams to RasoolAllah SallaAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam and describe all you have witnessed. You are my only inheritor and so you cannot go to the battlefield.’


Then Imam Hussain (RadiAllahu Anhu) handed over all the responsibilities to Imam Zainul Aabideen (RadiAllahu Anhu), placed the Amamah on the head of his son and made him lie down on the bed. Then he came to another camp, opened a trunk, took out the armour and wore it. He then took the Amamah of RasoolAllah SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam and put is on his blessed head; took the shield of Sayyedina Ameer Hamza (RadiAllahu Anhu) and covered his back; hung around his neck the blessed sword ‘Zulfiqar’ belonging to his father, the lion of Allah, Hazrat Ali RadiAllahu Anhu; took the spear of Hazrat Jaffer Tayyar RadiAllahu Anhu, and wore the belt of his brother Imam Hasan RadiAllahu Anhu around his waist. The members of the family were watching this sight and knew very well that their leader was going to take leave from them for a long time. The army of Allah was to lose their commander. The women who had already lost their husbands were about to lose their only protector and guardian. His children were about to become orphans. There was no consolation for them but only tears in their eyes as they bid farewell to their master.

Here was a fighter who had been starving for the past three days and had attended to the bodies of his cousins, nephews and his own sons. Now he descended onto the battlefield, looked the enemy in the eyes and made some final remarks. After praising Allah and his Rasool SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam, he continued on and said, ‘O people! The Prophet you believe in has said, whosoever makes enmity with Hasan and Hussain does so with me and whosoever has animosity with me he has so with Allah. So fear Allah and avoid fighting with me. If you are true believers then think what your answer to Allah Ta’ala will be? And what face will you show to the beloved RasoolAllah Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam? O you who have destroyed the family of RasoolAllah SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam, just ponder over your fate. O disloyal ones! You invited me to come over and to help you against a tyrant and now when I have arrived you are turning your backs on me. O oppressors! You have destroyed my family and killed my dear ones, and now want to kill me. Just think who am I? Whose grandson am I? Who are my parents? You still have chance, drop the idea of killing me and save yourselves from the fire of Hell.

There was chaos in the enemy camp. One of them shouted, ‘O Hussain, you have only one choice, either give your hand in the hand of Yazeed or be ready to die.’ Imam Hussain (RadiAllahu Anhu) replied, ‘O treacherous ones, I knew you would not listen, as your hearts have been sealed and your Islamic spirit is dead. I only spoke to justify my position so that you cannot say on the Day of Judgement that you were not aware. Alhamdulillah, I have done my duty. As far as Yazeed is concerned, I will never submit myself to a wicked oppressor. Now if you have made up your mind then send your chosen one to fight me.’ Thus, Amr bin Sa’ad called the fighters who were saved to fight Imam Hussain. First to go was a famous wrestler from Syria, Tameem bin Qahtabah. He came boasting about his strength and skills but in just one blow from his sword Zulfiqar, he was left to die on the ground.

Badr bin Suhail was watching all this. He started swearing at the other fighters saying they were cowards and did not know how to fight. He sent one of his sons to fight. Imam Hussain (RadiAllahu Anhu) said, ‘It would be better if your boasting father came to fight so he would not have to see his son dying’. In no time Imam sent him into Hell. Badr could not bear to see this state of his son and leaped forward to attack Imam Hussain with his spear. Imam defended his attack. Badr then removed his sword and attacked. Imam again saved his attack and launched such a mighty blow that Badr’s head went rolling like a football.

One after the other they all came to try their luck but none could withstand the power of Zulfiqar. The bodies kept piling up. There was a roar in the camps of the enemy that if the son of the lion of Allah continues in this way then none of us will survive. Cowards then decided to attack from all sides. Imam Hussain (RadiAllahu Anhu) was surrounded from all sides by bare swords thirsty of his blood. But when the Zulfiqar came into action, the heads of the enemies dropped like leaves on the ground.

When Amr bin Sa’ad saw that his trick had failed miserably, he ordered to shoot arrows from all sides. Imam was being bombarded with arrows from all directions. It was one against thousands now. His horse was so injured that it could not move anymore. Imam Hussain’s body got covered with so many wounds that blood was gushing all over his body. Suddenly a poison-tipped spear hit his blessed forehead, the same forehead which was always kissed by RasoolAllah Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam. Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhu now lied subconscious on the ground. But the attacks did not stop. The wicked souls were still attacking him with spears. One of the spears went right across his body. After suffering seventy two lethal wounds, he bowed down in prostration. It was in this state that his blessed soul left his body and entered into the eternal pleasure and mercy of his Lord. Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Raji’oon. :”(


What Sujood Can Ever Be Compared to The Sujood Of Imam Hussain رَضِيَ اللَّهُ عَنْهُ  at Karbala

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Yaum-e-Wilaadat of Sayyidina Imaam Hussain ibn Ali (Alaihis salaam)

Yaum-e-Wilaadat of Sayyidina Imaam Hussayn ibn Ali alaihis salaam Mubaarak !

RasoolAllahﷺ said, “Hussain is from me and I am from Hussain.”

Jaam’i Tirmidhi #3708


Leaders of all the youngsters in Paradise…

Hudhaifah (RadiAllahu Anhu) narrates that the Holy Prophet  said, “There is an angel who before tonight had never come down to earth, asked permission from his Lord to offer slam (salutations) to me and to deliver the good news to me that Fatimah (سلام اللہ علیھا) is the leader of all women of Paradise and Hasan (RadiAllahu Anhu) and Husain (RadiAllahu Anhu) are the leaders of all the youngsters in Paradise.” 


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Glad Tidings from the Leader of Both Worlds [Sallallahu Alaihi wa Aalihi wassallam]

Hazrat Ummul Fadhl RadiAllahu Anha, (the aunt of RasoolAllah Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam), narrates that she went to the court of RasoolAllah ﷺ and said that during the night she had seen a dreadful dream. RasoolAllah ﷺ  enquired as to what it was, upon which she replied that it was very severe (therefore feared mentioning it). When RasoolAllah ﷺ  insisted the second time, she said that she saw a part of RasoolAllah’s ﷺ blessed body falling away from his body and falling on her lap. Upon this RasoolAllah ﷺ  said that she had seen a nice dream and it meant that Allah Ta’ala will bestow his daughter Fatima Zehra RadiAllaha Anha with a son who will be placed in Ummul Fadhl’s lap. Accordingly, Hazrat Fatima RadiAllahu Anha gave birth to Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhu and he was given to Ummul Fadhl.

[Mishkat Sharif, page 572]

Blessed Birth

Just as the prophecy of RasoolAllah  has stated, Hazrat Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhu was born in the month of Sha’baan-ul-Muazzam in 4 Hijri. There is some difference of opinion regarding the exact date of birth; it was 3rd, 4th or 5th of Sha’baan. RasoolAllah  was extremely happy on hearing the news of Imam Hussain’s birth. He took the baby in his arms and gave the Adhaan in his right ear and Iqaamah in his left, and also gave his blessed tongue in his mouth to suck. On the seventh day, he sacrificed two sheep for the Aqeeqah and named his grandson as Hussain.

The Blessed Name and Family Lineage

His name was Hussain and kunniyat (nickname or petname) was Abu-Abdullah (father of Abdullah). Sibtey Rasool, Raihanae Rasool, Qurrat-ul-Ain, Sayyid and Tayyib are his titles. His family lineage goes as Hussain son of Ali son of Abi Talib son of Abdul Muttalib son of Hashim son of Abde Munaf Qarashi Hashmi.

Blessed Appearance

Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhu was so beautiful that the Noor (light) from his blessed face would illuminate the surroundings. His blessed appearance had a unique resemblance with that of RasoolAllah . It is stated in a narration by Hazrat Ali RadiAllahu Anhu that Imam Hasan RadiAllahu Anhu was identical with RasoolAllah  from head to chest and Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhu was alike from chest to the feet.


Hazrat Abu Hurairah RadiAllahu Anhu narrates that once they were with walking with RasoolAllah when he heard Imam Hasan and Imam Hussain (RadiAllahu Anhum) crying. Upon enquiring the reason, Hazrat Fatima RadiAllahu Anha replied that they are crying due to thirst. RasoolAllah  asked all those present if they had any water but none had any. He then asked Hazrat Fatima RadiAllahu Anha to give one of the children to him. He  took the child and cuddled him and gave his blessed tongue into the child’s mouth. The child sucked it till he was satisfied and stopped crying. He  then did the same with the other child till he too was satisfied and stopped crying.
[Zikr e Jameel, Ibne Asakar, Tibrani]

Riding on the Shoulders of RasoolAllah 

Hazrat Osama bin Zaid RadiAllahu Anhu narrates that one night I visited RasoolAllah  and saw him carrying something on his back which I could not recognise. When I finished my task I enquired, ‘What are you carrying Ya RasoolAllah ?’ RasoolAllah  moved the cover and I saw that he was carrying Imam Hasan and Hussain (RadiAllahu Anhum). He then said, ‘O Allah! These two are my sons and the sons of my daughter. O Allah! I love them and love those who love them.’

[Tirmidhi, Mishkat]

Choose Between Son and Grandson

CaptureHassan And Husain(AS)

Once RasoolAllah  was carrying Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhu on his right shoulder and his son Hazrat Ibrahim RadiAllahu Anhu on his left. Just then Hazrat Jibraeel Alaihis Salam arrived and requested, ‘Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala will not let both these children live with you and He wants to recall one of them. You can chose whom you want to keep.’ RasoolAllah  replied, ‘If Hussain passes away then I will be hurt as well as Fatima and Ali [RadiAllahu Anhuma] but if Ibrahim dies, then only I will suffer the most. And so I will prefer Hussain to live.’ Three days after this incident occurred, Hazrat Ibrahim RadiAllahu Anhu passed away. After that whenever Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhu came to RasoolAllah , he used to kiss his forehead and say, ‘Welcome O Hussain! I have sacrificed my son upon you.’

[Shawahidun Nabuwwat]

 RasoolAllah  Interrupted His Speech

Hazrat Buraidah RadiAllahu Anhu narrates that RasoolAllah ﷺ was once delivering a sermon when Imam Hasan and Imam Hussain (RadiAllahu Anhum) arrived walking playfully, both wearing red shirts. RasoolAllah  came down the pulpit and held them in his hand making them sit near him. He  then said, ‘Indeed Allah has said the truth that ‘your wealth and your children are means of testing you.’ When I saw these two children walking in an unbalanced manner, I could not hold myself and interrupted my speech to support them.’

 Support of Hazrat Jibraeel Alaihissalam

One day Imam Hasan and Imam Hussain (RadiAllahu Anhum) started to wrestle. RasoolAllah  was watching and saying, ‘Hasan, hold Hussain.’ Upon hearing this Hazrat Fatima RadiAllahu Anha said, ‘Ya RasoolAllah! You are helping Hasan when Hussain is younger.’ RasoolAllah  replied, ‘Jibraeel is helping Hussain.’

[Shawahidun Nabuwwat]

A villager once came to RasoolAllah  and gifted him a baby deer. After a short while Imam Hasan RadiAllahu Anhu arrived upon which RasoolAllah  gave the baby deer to him. When Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhu saw the baby deer he enquired, ‘O brother! Where did you get that from?’ ‘Our grandfather gave it to me’ replied Imam Hasan RadiAllahu Anhu. Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhu quickly ran to RasoolAllah  and demanded a baby deer. RasoolAllah  tried to console him but Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhu would not listen and was close to tears. Just then a deer arrived and said, ‘a villager presented one of my babies to you and now according to the command from Allah, I have come to present my second baby for Hussain as he was asking for it.’

[Raudhtus Shuhda]

 Clothes from Jannah

It is narrated that on the night of Eid, Imam Hasan and Imam Hussain (RadiAllahu Anhum) came to their mother and said, ‘Tomorrow is Eid and all the children in Madinah will be dressed up in new clothes. Will the grandchildren of RasoolAllah  not wear new clothes?’ Hazrat Fatima RadiAllahu Anha was filled with emotions upon hearing the requests from her children and she promised them that they would wear new clothes. Hazrat Fatima RadiAllahu Anha, the leader of the women of Paradise prayed Salaah, and then raised her hands to the Lord of the Worlds and requested, ‘O Allah! I have promised my children and now I leave it up to You to fulfil my promise.’

Just then she heard a knock on the door. Hazrat Fatima RadiAllahu Anha enquired, ‘Who is it?’ ‘The tailor of the family of RasoolAllah Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam has brought some new clothes for his children’ replied the voice from outside. Sayyidah Fatima RadiAllahu Anha dressed the children in them the next morning. When RasoolAllah  arrived he asked, ‘Do you know where the clothes were from and who brought them?’ ‘O Father! I don’t know, please tell me’ replied Hazrat Fatima RadiAllahu Anha. RasoolAllah  said, ‘That was Jibraeel Alaihis Salaam who got the clothes from Jannah upon the order from Allah Ta’ala.’

[Raudhtus Shuhda]

 Who Will Decide?

Hazrat Allama Nusqi Rehmatullahe Alaih narrates that once Imam Hasan and Imam Hussain (RadiAllahu Anhum) each wrote something on two separate slates. Each one claimed that his handwriting was better. To get the verdict they went to their father Hazrat Ali RadiAllahu Anhu. Hazrat Ali RadiAllahu Anhuwho made major decisions in his life could not decide on this as he did not want to hurt either of them, and so he directed them towards their mother. They went to Hazrat Fatima RadiAllahu Anha, who upon seeing the situation, felt the same as their father and directed them to RasoolAllah . RasoolAllah , the greatest and most exalted decision maker in the world, did not want to decide in favour of one of them either, and in turn hurt the feelings of the other. So he said that the decision will be made by Hazrat Jibraeel Alaihis Salaam. Hazrat Jibraeel soon arrived and said, ‘The decision will be made by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala and for that I have brought an apple from Jannah on His instruction. I will now throw this in the air and whichever slate it falls on will be the winner. When the apple was thrown in the air, it split into two halves and one half fell on one slate and the other half on the other, thus deciding that both handwritings were equally good.’

[Nuzhatul Majalis]

 Protection By An Angel


One day Hazrat Fatima RadiAllahu Anha came to RasoolAllah  in a very distressed state. Upon seeing this RasoolAllah  enquired as to the reason. Hazrat Fatima RadiAllahu Anha replied that she could not find both her children. Just then Hazrat Jibraeel Alaihis Salaam arrived and informed RasoolAllah  that the children were sleeping at a certain place and that an Angel was protecting them.

When RasoolAllah  reached the place, he saw an Angel who had spread one of his wings below the children whilst covering them with the other wing. RasoolAllah  then took one on each shoulder and started to walk. On the way he met Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique RadiAllahu Anhu who requested RasoolAllah  to give one of the children to him. RasoolAllah  smiled and replied, ‘Look, their ride is so exalted and so are the riders.’ Upon reaching the Masjid, RasoolAllah  announced to the companions present there, ‘Shall I show you the people who are best amongst the creations?’ The companions responded, ‘Surely, inform us Ya RasoolAllah .’

RasoolAllah  declared, ‘The maternal grandparents of these children.’ The companions testified. He then continued, ‘I am their maternal grandfather and Khadijah is their maternal grandmother, we are the best. Then their parents are best and they are Ali and Fatima RadiAllahu Anhuma. Then their uncle and aunt are the best. Their uncle is Hazrat Ja’far and the aunt is Umme Haani [RadiAllahu Anhuma]. Then their maternal aunts and maternal uncles are the best. The maternal aunts are Hazrat Umme Kulsoom, Hazrat Ruqaiyyah and Hazrat Zainab [RadiAllahu Anhum] and their maternal uncles are Hazrat Abdullah Tayyib wa Taahir, Hazrat Qasim and Hazrat Ibrahim [RadiAllahu Anhum].

[Nuzhatul Majalis]

 Intelligence of Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhu

One day Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhu had a guest. After the meal the guest asked for something to drink, upon which Imam Hussain enquired as to what drink he would like? The guest indicated that he wanted a drink which if not available is more precious than ones life and when one does have it, it is of no value. Imam Hussain told his companions that the guest is referring to water. Those present were astonished with his intelligence.

[Istiqamat, Dec 1979 issue]

Did Not Decline His Wish

Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhu once requested a camel from RasoolAllah  when he was in the Masjid. Upon hearing the request, RasoolAllah  went on his hands and knees and rode Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhu on his back. Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhu further commented that the camels generally have reins and my camel does seem to have one. RasoolAllah  gave his blessed hair in his hands. Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhu further went to say that the camels of Madinah seem to speak. On this wish, RasoolAllah  started to make noise like that of camels.

[Istiqamat, Dec 1979 issue]

 Sustenance Is On Its Way


A very poor man came to Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhu and pleaded, ‘O beloved of RasoolAllah , I am a destitute and have nothing to feed myself or my children, so please give me some of your dinner. Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhu reassuringly said, ‘Please sit down and wait, my sustenance is on its way.’ Soon after a man arrived and handed over five bags, each bag containing some thousand dinars to Imam Hussain and said, ‘This is from Hazrat Ameer Mu’awiyah RadiAllahu Anhu and he has apologised that he sent you so little. He said to use this for now and more would arrive soon.’ Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhu presented all the five bags to the poor man and apologised saying, ‘Please excuse me for making you wait for this long. This is all I have for now; hope it will be enough for you. We are the people of trials and we have abandoned our desires and forsaken our pleasures.’

The Most Beloved

Hazrat Anas RadiAllahu Anhu says: ‘RasoolAllah  was asked about who was most beloved to him in his family? He answered ‘Hasan and Hussain.’ He used to ask Hazrat Fatima RadiAllahu Anha, ‘bring my two sons to me.’ He would then call them close and cuddle them.’

[Tirmidhi, Mishkat]

The Beloved in the Heavens 

Hazrat Abdullah bin Umar RadiAllahu Anhu was sitting near the Ka’aba when he saw Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhu coming. Upon seeing Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhu he remarked: ‘On this day, he is the most beloved amongst the dwellers of the earth to the inhabitants of the skies.’
[Khutbaat e Muharram]

Please Grant Something

Ya Hussain

Hazrat Fatima RadiAllahu Anha once brought Imam Hasan and Imam Hussain (RadiAllahu Anhum) to RasoolAllah  and requested, ‘Please bestow them with something.’ RasoolAllah generously declared: ‘For Hasan is my awe and leadership, and for Hussain is my courage and generosity.’

[Khutbaat e Muharram]

Sweet Scented

Hazrat Abdullah bin Umar RadiAllahu Anhuma narrates that RasoolAllah  said: ‘Hasan and Hussain are ‘Raihaan’ for me in this world. (Raihaan is a sweet-scented plant)

[Tirmidhi, Mishkat]

Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhu in the Holy Qur’an


The excellence of Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhu is also implied in the Holy Qur’an in the incident of Mubahila. Let us look at the incident in detail.

The root word of Mubahila is ‘Bahl’ which means dua, humbleness, and curse.

Mubahila is practiced to prove a point. When two groups do not agree with to each other and all other methods such as debate fails, then they take the extreme step of Mubahila. Both groups meet at a destined place with their close family members and curse each other. Whoever is on the right is saved and the other group is perished. Mubahila was only practiced by RasoolAllah  against the unbelievers. Now let us see what the Holy Qur’an mentions about Mubahila.

Verse Regarding Mubahila

Allah Ta’ala states in the Holy Qu’ran:

“Then O beloved! Whoever disputes with you about Isa after knowledge has come to you, then tell them, ‘come, let us call our sons and your sons our women and your women and our souls and your souls, then let us pray earnestly, and so lay the curse of Allah upon the liars.” (Surah Aal e Imran Verse 61)

This verse was revealed in relation to the Jews of Najraan, who came to argue with RasoolAllah  over Hazrat Isa Alaihis Salaam. Najraan is a large well-established city near Madinah Munawwarah towards Yemen. It has been named after Najraan bin Zaid. This city was like a headquarter for the Christians with over seventy three villages in its radius of influence. In the city was a prominent church which the Christians considered as their Qibla and many of their well-known scholars lived there. A year before RasoolAllah  passed away from this world, a group of about sixty people from there came to see him at Madinah Munawwarah. The lord bishop of the time, Abu Harisa was also amongst them. Twenty four out of the sixty were the cream of their community and out of the twenty four, three were very significant. One of them was Abdul Maseeh without whose consent, his people would not do anything; the other was the treasurer who would look after the finances of the community and the third was Abu Harisa who was the highest ranking scholar amongst them.

They reached Madinah at the time of Asr, wearing the most elegant clothes ever seen by the people of Madinah. They went straight to Masjid un Navbi Sharif where people were offering their Asr Salaah. They too started praying by turning towards the west. RasoolAllah  indicated to the companions to let them complete their prayer. [Tafseer e Na’eemi]

Bagwi states that when RasoolAllah  recited the above Ayah and invited them for mutual imprecation (Mubahila), they hesitated and requested some time to think over it. Aaqib, who was most intelligent amongst them said, ‘O brothers in Christianity, you know very well that Muhammed  is the true Prophet. History teaches us that whenever a group came face to face with any Prophet for Mubahila, they all perished, and if you chose to do the same then you too will perish. So my advice is to reconcile with Muhammed  and return home.

Early next morning, RasoolAllah  left his house carrying Imam Hussain whilst Imam Hasan RadiAllahu Anhuma was walking holding his finger; Hazrat Fatima RadiAllahu Anha walking behind him and Hazrat Ali RadiAllahu Anhu was walking behind Hazrat Fatima RadiAllahu Anha. So as mentioned in the verse above, RasoolAllah  took Imam Hasan and Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhuma as his sons.

When the Christians saw this sight, one of the scholars cried out, ‘O brothers, I see the faces, which if they raise their hands in prayers, the Almighty Lord will move mountains from their places. Therefore do not face the Prophet and return or else there will be no Christians left on this earth. [Tafseer e Mazhari]

My beloved Prophet ’s beloved devotees. Ponder the fact that it was decided that for the Mubahila, each group would bring their women and children with them. At this point, RasoolAllah , from all the members of his blessed family chose Hazrat Fatima, Hazrat Ali, Imam Hasan and Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhum. Thus the Ummah will always remember Imam Hasan RadiAllahu Anhu and Imam Hussain RadiAllahu Anhu as the sons of RasoolAllah  as he himself called them his sons.

Al-Imam Al-Husain RadiAllahu Anhu’s  message was simple and clear: Is life so dear or so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty Allah! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me Haqq, or give me death!

“It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees”