Who is Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Below are some short remembrances about the Beloved Prophet ﷺ which were originally written as tweets for the recent Twitter trend ‘#WhoIsMuhammad ﷺ’.


Prophet Muhammad : The Forgiver: When the people wronged him, he returned it with patience, kindness and a generosity like no other.

Prophet Muhammad : The Cheerful: He would jest and joke with his friends, though never in a hurtful manner. He had a smiling countenance 🙂

Prophet Muhammad : The Helper: He would settle injustices or problems others faced with a profound level of peace, wisdom and fair justice.

Prophet Muhammad : The Friend: He would sit amongst his Companions, share his food & wealth with them, and help them when they were in need.

Prophet Muhammad : The Grandfather: He would seat his young grandsons on his lap whilst delivering a sermon to the Muslims from his pulpit.

Prophet Muhammad : The Father: He would stand up when his daughter Fatima entered the room, give her his seat and kiss her forehead.

Prophet Muhammad : The Advocate of Women’s Rights: He ended the burial of newborn girls in Arabia, and established women’s rights to education.

Prophet Muhammad : The Physician: Prophetic medicine is so vast that it constitutes an entire field of medicine beyond modern science.

Prophet Muhammad : The Conqueror: When he conquered Makkah, all those who had harmed him & his family feared his revenge. He forgave them all.

Prophet Muhammad : The Neighbour: When his elderly neighbour, who’d place thorns on his path everyday, fell critically ill, he took care of her.

Prophet Muhammad : The Lover of Cats: His cat once fell asleep on the robe he wanted to wear. He cut off the sleeve to avoid waking the cat.

Prophet Muhammad : The Advocate of Animal Rights: He forbade animal cruelty, even so camels wouldn’t be overburdened beyond their strength.

His last words were advice for his Ummah. He loved us even before we were born, and we love him without yet seeing him. (Prophet Muhammad )

He commanded justice in every circumstance, for every person. (Prophet Muhammad )

He rejected offers of wealth, power and elite status, and instead preferred humble lodgings and a bed of date-palm fibres. (Prophet Muhammad ﷺ)

He showed respect and generosity to the poor, honour to leaders and the elite, and goodness towards all. (Prophet Muhammad ﷺ)

He ﷺ never insulted nor mocked another person. (Prophet Muhammad ﷺ)

He was generally cheerful. If anything displeased him, he would simply turn away from it or advise gently in regards to it. (Prophet Muhammad ﷺ)

He disapproved of harshness and he himself was always gentle, compassionate and calm. (Prophet Muhammad )

He never complained or showed disgust. He was forbearing, kind and appreciative and always considerate of others’ feelings. (Prophet Muhammad )

He never refused anyone who asked of him, nor did he ever say “No” to them or turn them away empty-handed. (Prophet Muhammad )

If a child began to cry during prayer, he would shorten it out of concern for the mother and her distress. (Prophet Muhammad )

When shaking a person’s hand or embracing them, he would allow them to withdraw first – out of respect. (Prophet Muhammad )

He said, “I have not been sent to curse people but as a Mercy to all mankind.” (Prophet Muhammad )

He never took revenge for himself, instead preferring Mercy, tolerance and patience. (Prophet Muhammad )

He was so trustworthy, those plotting to kill him were the same people who entrusted their wealth to him for safekeeping! (Prophet Muhammad )

Even his enemies were enthralled by his beauty, conduct, honesty and wisdom. His manners and nobility knew no bounds. (Prophet Muhammad )

His generosity was unmatched. The Bedouins would seek his wealth and return saying, “Muhammad is the Generous one!” (Prophet Muhammad )

He was known for his honesty. The Arabs had nicknamed him ‘Al Amin (The Trustworthy)’ even before he announced Prophethood. (Prophet Muhammad )

He loved the poor and kept the grief-stricken close to him. His Mercy extended to all, even those who swore to kill him. (Prophet Muhammad )

He lead a simple life of basic provisions, delighting his heart in prayer and the pleasure of Allah. (Prophet Muhammad )

His speech was pleasant, never harsh, yet concise and to the point. It was beautiful & elegant “like pearls on a necklace”. Prophet Muhammad

Those who saw him from afar were struck by awe of his Beauty; those who neared him loved him more than existence itself. (Prophet Muhammad )

He was always concerned for those around him. (Prophet Muhammad )

“You are the sun, you are the full moon. You are the quintessence of existence, you are the lamp within every breast!” (Prophet Muhammad )

He  spent much time in silent reflection but always made time for his Companions, greeting them with a smile and good cheer. (Prophet Muhammad )

No one was insignificant in his eyes. If someone was absent from his gathering, he’d notice & enquire about their well-being. (Prophet Muhammad )

He ﷺ was the most hospitable host to his guests. He would greet them at the door and see them at the door when they’d leave. (Prophet Muhammad )

He ﷺ accepted every gift out of courtesy. (Prophet Muhammad )

Prophet Muhammad : He is not made praiseworthy by words, but rather words are made praiseworthy by him! He is the Perfect Man .


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