Mawlid un Nabi SalAllahu Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wassallam Mubarak!!!!

The Birth of the Prophet salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa alihi wa sallam is no ordinary birth for a very simple reason, it is a birth to mercy, equality, social justice and human rights, a mercy that came and was poured on the entire creation of Allah. Everything that became connected to him sallalahu alayhi wa alihi wasalam became elevated. The city in which he was born in i.e Makkah was the best of cities, hence called Makkah Al Mukaramah, his message is the best of messages, his Ummah was honored with the title of being the best of Ummah’s, his family is the most honourable of families, his companions became the best of companions. When he migrated to Madinah, it became Munawara by his Noor from a place of disease. If you connect yourself to him, you too will be elevated.

– Shaykh Muhammad Bin Yahya Al Husayni An Ninowy –

“When Muhammad’s light (SalAllahu Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wassallam) came. The whole face of the earth had become green. The heavens envied the earth and tore its sleeve. The moon had become split. The earth received life and became alive Last night, there was a big commotion among the stars because a peerless star had descended to the earth.

– Mevlana Rumi rahimahullah

Oh Moon, never mind if I tell you the truth, Sometimes you are dim, Sometimes you are bright, But your brightness is not equal too an atom of the dust from the foot of the Prophet [SalAllahu Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wassallam]

– Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai rahimahullah –

May the love of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, always be strongly rooted,and always keeps growing in our hearts.

Talib e dua!

Rabbi’ul Awwal Mubarak!

The month of Rabi al-Awwal is the month in which al-Nūr (Light), al-Burhān (clear proof of Allah), al-Ni’mat al-Kubra (the biggest blessing), al-Ihsān al-‘Azīm (the greatest favour), Our Master, Sayyiduna Muhammad ﷺ was born.  
A month when the lovers rejoice and remember the Prophet ﷺ arrival and events building up to and the miracles of their blessed birth.
Send as many salutations on the Prophet ﷺ as you can in the blessed month.

It is through the Prophet ﷺ we received Islām, Imān, Qur’ān and all the other blessings of Allāh.