Kithay Mihr Ali Kithay Teri Sanaa’: A Masterpiece of Punjabi Poetry in Praise of the Prophetﷺ

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Transliterated and translated from the Punjabi with notes by Asif Jehangir Naqshbandi

Kithay Mihr Ali, kithay teri sanaa’, gustaakh akheen kithay jaa aRiyaan.

Kithay Mihr Ali, kithay teri sanaa’, gustaakh akheen kithay jaa aRiyaan.


This Punjabi poem in praise of the Prophet Muhammad (upon him be the blessings and peace of God) is, without doubt, the most acclaimed and revered naat in the whole of Punjabi devotional and religious poetry. It is also unique in that its’ author, the venerable scholar, Saint, and Friend of Allah (wali) , Hazrat Pir Sayyid Mihr Ali Shah Golrawi Chishti (may his secret be sanctified!), had a waking vision of the Prophet (upon him be the blessings and peace of God) whilst he was composing this naat which lead him to write the immortal last two lines which are known to all and sundry in the Subcontinent and in the Punjabi Muslim diaspora. How can they not be immortalised when the Beloved Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa aalihi wassallam) showed himself to the Shaykh to display his approval for this son of his? Allahu Akbar! We can only imagine the beauty of the Prophet which the Shaykh saw! Even as a piece of Punjabi literature its greatness is acknowledged even by the non-religious.

It is the acme of Punjabi poetry and recalls the works of the great Saints of the Punjab of the past such as Baba Farid, Hazrat Sultan Bahu, Baba Waris Shah Sahib and Mian Muhammad Bakhsh to name just a few. Its author, Pir Sayyid Mihr Ali Shah Jilani Golrawi Chishti, can rightfully claim a place amongst such illustrious saints both for his person and his poetry.

The biography of Pir Sayyid Mihr Ali Shah is unique for ashaykh of the twentieth century, and reads like that of one of the Salaf. His miracles [karamat] are legendary (including quickening the dead!) and he was almost solely responsible (along with his contemporary Hazrat Pir Sayyid Jama’at Ali Shah Alipuri Naqshbandi) for defeating the Qadiani heresy in Punjab when he openly challenged Mirza Qadiani to amunazarah. “Let us both jump off the minaret of the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore, he said, “and if your claimsto prophecy are true you will not be harmed! I am just a slave of the Prophet but I challenge you!” He also challenged him to write atafsir of the Qur’an with the proviso that none of them would touch their pens! “I will command my pen to write and it will by the grace of Allah!” he said in a famous public challenge. In all cases Mirza ran away from this lion of Ahlus Sunnah anddescendent of the Prophet who spent his long life in the worship of his Lord to reach these high spiritual stations of which we can only imagine. His life wassimple to the point of austerity and he spent many long nights in prayer on a prayer mat made from stone so much so that eventually it was worn away from hisprostrations. The Shaykh was also a very learnedalim and author of a number of works on many aspects of Islam including his refutation of the Shia, Tasfiya Ma Bayn Sunniwa Shia, which has become a standard work, used by both his followers and his enemies and his work Sayf e Chishtiyyah which he wrote to refute the many heresies in his day. He also hasdiwans of poetry from which this most famous work is taken, and a large fatwa collection. Further biographical details can be found at the official website of the Shaykh (in English and Urdu), which is kept by his descendents. The Shaykh’s blessed shrine is in Islamabad, in Golra.

The transliteration of the Punjabi original.
Verses from this poem are frequently sung at nearly every event organised by Sunnis of the Subcontinent but the whole poem rarely.

Aj sik mitran di vadheri ay
Kyon dilri udaas ghaneri ay?
Loon loon vich shauq changeri ay
Aj nainaan laiyaan kyon jhariyan?
At-t.aifu sara min’atihi[i]
Wa-shadhdhu bada min wafratihi
Fasakartu huna min nadhratihi
Nainaan diyan faujan sar chariyan
Mukh chand badr sha’ashani ay
Mathay chamakay laaT noorani ay
Kali zulf tay akh mastani ay
Makhmur akheen hin madh-bhariyaan
Do abroo qaws misaal disan
Jeen toon nauk e mizha day teer chuTTan
Labaan surkh aakhaan ke la’l e Yaman
ChiTTay dand moti diyan hin lariyaan
Is surat noon main jaan aakhan?
Jaanan ke jaan e jahaan aakhan?
Sach aakhan tay Rabb di shan aakhan
Jis shan theen shaanan sab baniyaan[ii]
Ay surat hai bai-surat theen[iii]
Baisurat zahir surat theen
Bairang dissay is surat theen
Vich vahdat puThiyaan jad ghariyaan
Dassay surat raah Baisurat da
Tauba, raah kii, ‘ain Haqiqat da!
Par kam nahin baisoojhat da
Koi virliyaan moti lay tariyaan
Aihaa surat shaala paish e nazar
Rahay vaqt e naza’ tay Roz e Hashr
Vich qabr tay Pul theen hosi guzar
Sab khoTiyaan theesan tad khariyaan
“Yu’tika Rabbuka” [iv] daas tussaan
“Fatard.a” theen poori aas asaan
Lajpaal karesii paas asaan
Wa-shfa’u tushaffa’ [v] sahih parhiyaan
Laaho mukh toon burd e Yaman
Man bhaanvari jhalak dikhao sajan
Oha miThiyaan galeen alao’ miThan
Jo Hamra vadi san giriyaan .
Hujray toon masjid aao Dholan
Noori jhaat day karan saaray sikan!
Do jag akhiyaan raah da farsh karan
Sab ins o malak hooraan paRiyaan.
Inhaan sikdiyaan tay karlaandiyaan tay
Lakh vaari sadaqay jaanDiyaan tay
Inhaan burdiyaan muft vakaandiyaan tay
Shala aavan vit bhii auh ghaRiyaan
Subhan Allah! Ma ajmalaka! Ma ahsanaka! Ma akmalaka![vi]
Kithay Mihr Ali, kithay teri sanaa’, gustaakh akheen kithay jaa aRiyaan.

Translation into English verse.
I have attempted to translate this masterpiece—inadequately, of course—into English blank verse, each line having 10 syllables. This heroic metre is common in epic English poetry.

1. Today, the longing for my Beloved
2. Is over-pow’ring; why’s my heart so sad?
3. Desire, like a flame in every vein.
4. Today, why do my eyes weep floods of tears?
5. His radiant face in a vision I saw[vii] .
6. And from his tresses there came a fragrance
7. The sight of such visions caused me to swoon
8. His eyes’ foot-soldiers overpowered me!
9. His face is bright, a moon at its fullest.
10. A light flashes from his brow; his tresses
11. Are jet black, his gaze intoxicating.
12. His wine-filled eyes cause inebriation!
13. His two eye-brows are like an archer’s bow
14. Firing arrows of sharpened eye-lashes!
15. Shall I call his lips red or rubies from
16. Yemen? His white teeth are a string of pearls.
17. Shall I call this face life, or the Essence
18. Of Life, or the life of both the worlds? In
19. Truth, I should call it God’s greatest glory
20. From which He created His creation!
21. This face is really from the Faceless One[viii] ;
22. The Faceless One manifests through this face.
23. The Formless One has been seen through this face
24. Ever since Unity blossomed into
25. Diversity. This face shows the way to the
26. Faceless. Nay, not the way, the Essence too!
27. Yet this secret is not for the common;
28. Just the Elect may discover this pearl!
29. By God! May this face stay before my eyes
30. At the time of Death and on Judgement Day!
31. In my grave and when I’m crossing the Bridge.
32. Then alone shall the fake become pure gold!
33. Your rank is: “Thy Lord shall give thee” and we
34. Place our hopes in, “So thou art well-pleased” [ix].
35. This test we shall pass as the Gracious said:
36. “Intercede and thy intercession shall
37. Be accepted!” Remove thy Yemeni
38. Cloak and grant me a glimpse of your lovely
39. Face, my love! Repeat again those sweet words
40. Which you spake in the valley of Hamra.
41. Come from your cell to the mosque, Beloved!
42. All yearn for your radiant countenance!
43. Both the worlds furnish thy way with their eyes
44. All men, angels, houris, and faerie-folk.
45. For all these yearning and pining ones; for
46. Those dying to sacrifice themselves in your
47 Love; and all those ready to be your thralls
48. May those moments of bliss return again!
49. Praise God! You’re most Beauteous! Exc’llent! Perfect!
50. How dare Mihr Aligaze at you, sing your hymns!

Acknowledgements, Dedication and Request.

Though the transliteration and translation are solely my own work I did use the literal translation of the poem found at The Light of Golra Sharif website to help me in a few instances. I would like to dedicate this poem to Hazrat Pir Sayyid Mihr Ali Shah Golrawi (may his secret be sanctified!) and pray for his help on the Day of Requital and that of His Illustrious Grandfathers, Our Liegelords Huzoor Ghawth al Azam Sayyid Abd al Qadir Jilani and, above all, Sayyidina wa Mawlana Muhammad (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, the Messenger of Allah.
Finally, I would humbly request all those who read this translation to pray that Allah gives me guidance and keeps me on the path of Ahlus Sunnah and allows me to visit His Beloved in Madina and to sendsalawat on the Habib during my dying moments and with my last breaths. If you read this after I have died please pray for the forgiveness of my sins and that Allah and His Habib accept this little effort and grant me success in the Hereafter. Amin!

This line and the next two lines (lines 5 to 7) are in Arabic and are quoted verbatim by the Shaykh from Imam Busiri’s famous poem Qasida Burda (The Poem of the Cloak).

This line (20) is a reference to the famous hadith qudsi, “Lawlaka, lawlaka, ma khalaqtul aflaka! (But for thee, but for thee, I wouldn’t have created the Heavens)”.

Lines 21 to 28 are very difficult being the Shaykh’s exposition of Shaykh al Akbar Muhyuddin Ibn Arabi’s concept of Wahdat al Wajood (Unity of Being) into Punjabi poetry whereby the Prophetﷺ is described in terms of the Perfect Man and the perfect manifestation of Allah’s Attributes in this world. Shaykh Pir Sayyid Mihr Ali Shah was acknowledged as the foremost expert on Ibn Arabi in his era. Scholars of the calibre of Dr. Sir Muhammad Iqbal (Alaihi Rehma) wrote to him about wahdat al .wajood As the Shaykh himself says in line 28, this is not for the simpleton or the common person!

A reference to Qur’an 43:5 in this line and line 34 immediately following it.

Another hadith qudsi.

These last two lines (49 and 50) are the most famous of the poem. Line 49 is entirely in Arabic. The Shaykh uses the Arabic tense with the prefix ‘ma’ (used, amongst other things, to denote astonishment) to express his awe and wonderment at the Prophet’s beauty, which he saw in a waking vision.

There are numerous recordings, both in the studio and live, of this naat (nearly always abridged) but my personal favourite is this live version by Muhammad Owais Qadri: LINK: VIDEO 1



In Praise of the Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and grant him peace)


Some important pieces of advice from Mathnawi

Towards Enlightment


  • Oh son! Untie the knot, and be free! How long will you be enslaved by gold and silver?
  • If you want to receive mercy, be merciful to the weak,
  • The nafs (carnal soul) inside you that is waiting to ambush you is worse than anything else in terms of pride and resentment,
  • Before you say anything, first listen,
  • The wars of men are like the quarrels of children; both are meaningless and stupid,
  • Hard work and earning are not obstacles to finding a treasure! Continue to work hard, if it is God’s will, the treasure will find you,
  • There is nothing superior to a good temper in this world of struggle,
  • Thoughtless friends are themselves the enemy,
  • Look where you step. You will avoid a wrong step and you will be saved from stumbling,
  • The essence of all wisdom is to know the answers to ‘who am I?’…

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I am not Charlie Hebdo, nor am I a terrorist.

We, Muslims strongly condemn Paris ‪#‎CharlieHebdo‬ terror attack. Such acts are barbaric & inhuman.
Terrorists behind Paris #CharlieHebdo attack have nothing to do with Islam nor can their actions ever be justified. However, condemning the Paris attack doesn’t mean that i agree with the works of Hebdo.

As a Muslim, I strongly denounce such violence and bloodshed in the name of my faith. The question is, as an American (or British, or French…): do you as well denounce the violence that your country have wrought across the globe?

What Muslim Scholars Say About Paris Attack.

Innocent people were killed including a Muslim cop, the cartoons you supposedly hated are now published in millions of papers, Islamophobia is now even more widely accepted, Dawah efforts set back immensely, a ‪#‎KillAllMuslims‬ hashtag, Mosques being attacked in France and elsewhere, hate crimes against innocent Muslims and even “Muslim looking” people, and of course this was all conveniently as France was debating recognizing an independent Palestine. And you extremists are proud of these actions? Good luck facing your Lord with all of the above on the Day of Judgment.

On one hand, I have never insulted anyones religion, prophet, or holy book nor do I approve of others doing so. I do not believe free speech should be used as a cover to insult the most beloved human being to me that’s ever lived or any prophet or holy figure. I do not approve of the vile racist cartoons drawn by Charlie Hedbo or any magazine (See: And if that means I’m not a “moderate Muslim” according to the bigot Bill Maher, then so be it.

On the other hand, I believe in principle and value life. I do not sanction vigilantes murdering people indiscriminately. I believe in responding to these evil insults against my Prophet (peace be upon him) with education and mercy. I have seen Arnoud Van Doorn change his life and say “I am sorry oh Prophet of God” and that is far more beloved to me than if someone would’ve murdered him 2 years ago.

I am not Charlie, nor am I a terrorist. I am a follower of the man who was sent as a mercy to the worlds.


We have so many people who are so full of anger and hatred, towards the rest of humanity, towards their fellow Muslims, towards students of knowledge and scholars and activists, that it appears they have wiped out their basic humanity and mercy.

We have uneducated, self-taught followers who believe they are so qualified to give religious verdicts that they can make someone else’s life permissible, without ever actually having studied with a single scholar. Googling fatwas and quoting random incidents from the Seerah is enough these days to become a faqih.

We have opened up the doors of ‘takfir’ (excommunicating other Muslims): something that even the greatest of scholars would rarely use against their most heretical opponents is now being tossed around like candy against anyone who disagrees with your position.

We have obliterated the concept of husn al-dhann (thinking the best of others), and filled ourselves with unbelievable arrogance.

We have made our religion about smearing others, hating others, killing others…. and in the process forgotten that our primary job is the worship of Allah and the embodiment of the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, so that others love us for our good, not fear us for our evils.

We have opened up the doors of hypocrisy, blaming ‘them’ for all of our woes, whereas the fact of the matter is that the harm we cause our religion is far worse than anything they can do or have ever done.

And in all of this, we have lost so many of the core essentials of Islam: mercy, compassion, knowledge, patience, good manners, forbearance….and the list goes on and on.

So, as was completely predictable, the reaction to these shootings in Paris (which I clearly condemned) has been to re-print the said offensive cartoons over and over and over again. Thousands of newspapers, both in print and online, have shown those offensive cartoons to millions of people (whereas before, hardly a few thousand would have seen them).

Additionally, some cartoonists have now said that they would draw more and more offensive images as a result of this incident, in the name of ‘protecting free speech’ (one even claimed she would dedicate a cartoon a day for the next year to lampoon Islam and its prophet).

The newspaper in question, Charlie Hebdo, which had a circulation of around fifty thousand, will reprint its next edition, full of offensive images, in over a million copies, and it is pretty obvious that they will sell out.
(And as for the repercussions around the globe towards and against Muslims…that is a whole different topic).

Firstly, to the sympathizers of this attack: do you see what has come out of this violence? What good has it done anyone? What do you want to do next…continue killing people, and more people, so that they continue to get angrier and angrier at us?!

Secondly, to the rest of us: Can you imagine if a racist cartoon, or an anti-Semitic cartoon, caused some physical attack, that news agencies around the globe would reprint those cartoons?!
Somehow, when it comes to offensive images against Muslims, it becomes necessary to display those images continuously in order to make a point: “You had better allow us to say and do whatever we will, without the least care and concern of decency and morals!”

Again, this is NOT to justify these brutal attacks, but it is to point out the double standards that do seem to exist when it comes to mocking Islam. It will come as absolutely no surprise to us to find out that a satirist in the EXACT SAME newspaper was fired, and then put on trial, for an anti-Semitic article that he had written (See: And previously, I had quoted a story of a similar nature regarding the Danish cartoon controversy: the same newspaper had refused to print cartoons mocking the Holocaust.

There is no doubt that killing these cartoonists is not allowed (firstly, the entire issue of blasphemy laws and its application in the modern world of nation-states is being discussed by leading scholars, and there are multiple views on this; secondly, all those who quote incidents from the Seerah: I reiterate, it is impermissible for a person to take the ‘law’ into his own hands and be judge, jury and executioner even in an Islamic land – how much more so when Muslim minorities are living in a land that is not ruled by their laws).
At the same time, it is also idiotic to continue provoking a group of people who have a long list of their own internal and external political and social grievances that stretch back for many decades (here I mean the N. African Muslim population of France), and then expect that nothing will happen.

As usual, we are stuck between a rock and a hard stone. On the one hand, we have the excesses of our own internal angry followers, who always justify every violence because of what ‘they’ have done, and on the other hand we have the arrogance, intransigence and hypocrisy of segments of the Western world, who cannot see that they as well have a huge part to play in the rising tide of anger and violence.


Charlie Hebdo: NO! NO! NO!

Contrary to what was apparently said by the killers in the bombing of Charlie Hebdo’s headquarters, it is not the Prophet who was avenged, it is our religion, our values and Islamic principles that have been betrayed and tainted. My condemnation is absolute and my anger is profound (healthy and a thousand times justified) against this horror!!!

Allow me to express my deep sympathy and sincere condolences to the families of the victims.


Indeed, condemnation is not sufficient. Muslims, before anybody else, should take swift and practical action because the danger threatening Europe is a threat for Muslims too. Muslims are part and parcel of the European society; they have a role to play in protecting it and in promoting social peace in it.

It is not a valid excuse that this magazine published anti-Prophet cartoons. Insults were directed to the Prophet during his life and after his death; the Qur’an related such defamations and they will never stop. So, the appropriate response is through thought, art and opinion not murder or terror.

I hope that politicians and media will not use this incident to make wrong generalizations against Muslims. The overwhelming majority of Europe Muslims reject such wicked deeds; they did contribute to the building Europe’s civilization.

I call on Muslims to stage demonstrations that denounce this aggression. I urge Muslim Imams and leaders to take all the necessary actions to denounce the incident, to reassure the Europe community, to actively participate in protecting Europe media institutions against any threat and to denounce extremism and terror.


Other views on Paris attack:


1. “Attacks in Paris. A horrific act and media has gone wild again to blame ‘Muslim terrorist’. Just out a few days ago, but not on the news!…. Israeli govt plans to withold at least $127 million in funds from the Palestinian authorities.

Last month EU votes to recognize Palestine as a state and France set off a stampede when its lower house voted to recognize Palestine. Now Palestine is in the International Criminal Court, poised to take down Israel for genocide.

Suddenly “Islamic terror strikes France.” Is Paris being punished for its pro-Palestine vote?
In late 2013, Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Tribunal found Israel guilty of genocide. A few months later, Malaysian planes started falling out of the sky.

In 2011, Norway’s Labor Party’s youth wing was poised to impose a complete blockade on Israel. Suddenly the entire leadership of the Party’s youth wing was slaughtered in a professional operation falsely attributed to a lone nut, Anders Breivik

Just after demonstrations in Germany protesting about the spread of Islam this Paris terror attack occurs. How convenient and perfect timing for the anti Islam lobby to now use this to support their views.
Other points….. The gunman left his ID card in the getaway card they used!!!! ( Daily Telegraph UK ) huhhh!.

Just like Mohd Atta, who left his passport in perfect non burnt condition in the blazing WTC. After all the preparation and planning these gunmen would oppose!, left their ID in the car….. for the authorities to find!.. Hmm!…
Watch the video below, the policeman gets shot in head but…. No blood!, even after 10 seconds at the end of the video???, and why no traffic during the day on a busy central Paris road?… and how did they get a camera well placed beforehand to film the attack?.
Killed with military precision.
Dressed in military style.
Killed from a target list.
Got away clean.

2. Paris attack designed to shore up France’s vassal status: Roberts 

‪#‎KnowYourLimits‬ #‎EliminateTerrorism‬

When they insult our prophet (peace and blessings be upon him)…

When They Abuse Your RasoolAllah (SallAllahu Alaihe wa Aalihi Wassalam ) , here is what should you do…(MUST WATCH)



It’s a game, that they play

They insulted him when they didn’t know him.

They became his followers when they truly knew him.

It’s a game

It’s a game

It’s a game

They’re always going to play

Eid Milad un Nabiﷺ Mubarak to all hisﷺ followers..

Yes! I am a proud Sunni Miladi ‪#‎BlessedMe‬ ‪#‎MarhabaYaMustafa‬ # Mawlid ‪#‎Rejoice‬ ‪#‎Eid‬ ‪#‎MiladunNabi‬

The Birth of the greatest of all creation.

He who is the reason for the creation of the universe.
He who prayed for us from the moment He was born until He physically left this world.
He who left us with a perfect example of how we should live, eat, walk, sleep, drink, talk, laugh, cry……

May countless Durood be upon Him
May our hearts forever be sacrificed on His name ♡♡♡

Turn yourself, sit somewhere, take your tesbih in your hand and say to yourself, “Oh my ego, you are sitting here, fifteen minutes, twenty minutes, half an hour, one hour. Without heedlessness you are going to give salawat to that Prophet (ﷺ).”

And Indeed, everyone rejoices except for Shaytan and his counterparts.

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1. Mawlid un Nabi in the Quran…

2. DID THE PROPHET (Peace & Blessings be upon him) COMMEMORATE HIS MAWLID…. 

3. DID THE SAHABA CELEBRATE MILAD-UN-NABI (Peace & Blessings be upon him)…. 


May we be sacrificed at this Merriment O blessed month of Rabi’ al-Awwal!!
Your joys surpass thousands of ‘Eids; All in the world are rejoicing, except Shaytan