Follow me – ‘fa-ttabi’ūnī’ – and Allah Almighty will love you…..

It is not only a claim, to say ‘I love Allah.’ It is not finished. You must also ask if Allah loves you or not, and what is the sign? Allah Almighty is saying; Say, O my Beloved Servant, Most Distinguished Prophetﷺ, tell them if you are true in (your claim) that you love Allah, then follow me – ‘fa-ttabi’ūnī’ – and Allah Almighty will love you. (3:31)

If anyone leaves out Sayyidina Muḥammadﷺ Habib-ullah, and takes a way according to his mind, his desires, no love from Allah to him. That is the condition. You must follow the Beloved of Allahﷺ, and Allah has promised, then He will love you. That is a mirror to you, look and see; don’t be in doubt if Allah loves you or not – look in the mirror and you will know. Even the Sahaba (may Allah be pleased with them) were so careful to step where the Prophetﷺ stepped! How should other actions be for them? Every action, every movement that is opposite to Prophet’sﷺ actions is thrown away. ‘Man ḥamala ’alaynā as-silāḥ fa-laysa minnā.’ (He who carries a weapon against us is not one of us.) That is a ḥadīth from the Prophetﷺ. Shooting is not only by bullets and arrows; anything that you are pulling against the Prophet’sﷺ advice means you are fighting against him.

― Mawlana Shaykh Nazim ‘Adil (ḥafidhahullah ta’ala)

Ya Rasul’Allahﷺ


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