tumblr_ngoehoHevM1u0sexro1_500Black day, the day of mourning for the children who lost their lives to uncultured swines (the Taliban) who kill in the name of the religion, a religion which they’ve distorted and made their own. The death toll has risen to 149 children, all between the ages of 9-16, the youngest being 2. More than a hundred wounded. The operation is officially over now, but its impact on humanity will be unending.

One of the 145 students who were martyred in the school, uploaded a cover photo some days back which had quoted, “We are a nation of beauty and great grief, our smiles are more powerful than your guns”. As awful as Sydney was, and as terrible as the Canadian parliament attack was, and as horrific as the Boston Marathon bombings were, and as much as 9/11 hurts to this day, the slaughtering of school children in Pakistan happened too. Its just one more attack on Muslims in the name of extremist indoctrination disguised as religion. One little girl survived by laying among dead bodies and trying not to scream. A teenage survivor played dead after been shot in both legs by insurgents hunting down students to kill. Instructors tried to barricade classrooms as terrorists roamed the halls with guns and suicide vests. A teacher was doused in gasoline and set on fire in front of students. Children ran for their lives and were shot dead as they tried to escape. 20 years of parenthood were snatched away from the parents in just 20 minutes. Astagfirullah.

Pakistan has seen many dark days in its short history, today will be remembered as the darkest. Parents waited hours only to have their children return to them in wooden boxes. Parents crowded around lists just to check if their children were dead or alive. The kids ran to escape, but many did not make it. I read one child, around 9 years old, told his mother on the phone that he was fine and safe when he in fact was shot in the chest.



Of all God’s creatures, it is children who warrant the greatest protection due to their helplessness and innocence, which is why the punishment for violating them is and ought to be severe. The Prophet, God bless and grant him peace, loved children and honored them on many occasions, such as calling them by honorific epithets or patting young ones on the head, leaving the scent of musk upon them for the rest of the day. In fact, the Prophet, God bless and grant him peace, visited one child whose pet had died in order to offer condolences and cheer him up.

The rights and protection that God has given humans is to be upheld and honored by each of us. If anyone betrays that trust, then, in this world, the government has the authority and right to redress the wrong. In redressing the wrong, wholeness is restored, and healing can take place. If this does not occur, remember: There is a day when the Divine Redresser will right every wrong, heal every wound, fulfill every vow, and remove for all eternity the scars of this world that were unjustly inflicted by those who betrayed God’s protection.

-Shaykh Hazma Yusuf

For what? Who could do this? Are these people human?

If the Taliban is really behind this, I have no doubt in my mind that this one incident will be the end of this group, once and for all.

Those who defended other incidents in the past, all in the name of fighting drone attacks and American aggression and your long, never ending list: I’d really like to see you defend this one. Actually, scratch that, if you feel this act is defensible I don’t think this world is a place for you to live in, and I don’t want to hear anything from you or about you.

As the father of four children, my sympathies and duas go out to ALL of the families of that school.

For how long will we tolerate and defend fanaticism? Do people not see that when you open this door of allowing innocent deaths, the logical conclusion will be such an attack?! Do ISIS supporters and al-Qaeda types not understand that their rhetoric inevitably causes their own followers to become deaf, dumb and blind, and that this leads to such fanaticism and psychopathic bloodshed?

Who cares if the parents of these children were Pakistani military and that it was a school for the children of the army – WHAT HAVE THESE CHILDREN DONE TO DESERVE SUCH A CRUEL AND DASTARDLY DEATH?? Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, justifies this massacre.

-Yasir Qadhi

“We denounce Taliban for killing 141 children today; nothing in Islam justifies killing civilians or women & children. Let’s speak up.”

“To all Sunni Ulema, let us unite against terrorists using Islam, whether ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaida or Poko Haram; this is not Islam.”

– Shaykh Muhammad al Yaqoubi

Our Religion is beautiful. And when someone tries to make it look ugly, they only uglify themselves and their ideologies. ‪Islam is a religion of mercy and does not permit terrorism. And If anyone still thinks and believes this is because of religion, and not a political struggle with the barest patina of religion as justification for this war, they need to open their minds and see the truth and visit Peshawar to attend the funerals of the children. They have only to hear what their parents will say, the customary response to the news of a Muslim’s death: to Him we belong and to Him we will return. The children who were killed are of the same religion as the attackers claim to follow. This is not about religion: this is about power, intimidation and revenge.

This surely should be enough to wake up the whole nation, rather the whole Ummah and stand against extremism. The Pakistan army should go after all these terrorists and their sympathizers, abetters, and facilitators. Until all of them are captured or killed, this operation should not end. These terrorists have attacked funerals and mosques, for them there is no limit. They are operating outside human values and ought to be dealt the same way.

Al-Fatiha for all innocent victims and their families.

Please keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

And Here’s to all you extremists nincompoop, by the grace of God may you rot in the depths of Hell.

In pictures: Some of the victims of Peshawar Terror Attack


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