Isra and Miraj

Poems that are exclusively on the subject of Isra’ and Mi‘raj are called Mi‘rajiyya. Many such Mi‘rajiyya have been composed in Arabic, Turkish, Urdu, and other languages. For example, Shaykh ‘Abd ar-Rahman bin Ahmad az-Zayla‘i composed a Mi‘rajiyya in Arabic with 18 verses. Imam Ahmed Raza Khan (Alaihi Rehma) composed a Mi‘rajiyya in Urdu with 66 verses. Let us gain barakaat (blessings) from its last six verses (translation is by Professor G.D. Qureshi).

Then the distinguished guest was taken to paradise.
The stars of paradise felt honoured to see the glory of their Arabian moon.

The Arabian moon was accorded a glorious welcome joyfully.
All the heavenly flowers became daffodils and the chandeliers shone more brightly.

The spirit of ecstasy edged him on but the sense of humility checked him modestly.
A real conflict of emotions: “To advance or just to stay there reverently”.

Allah’s omnipotence be praised! His truthful moon shone at millions of stations on his way. Even then he returned home by dawn before starlight faded away.

Take pity on us, O our intercessor and Allah’s Messenger of mercy!
Grant us a small share from the gifts distributed during the Mi‘raj journey.


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