Sincerity of Imam Zayn-al-abideen (RadiAllahu Anhu)

During the first years in the history of Islam an unknown person used to leave a sack of provisions every morning at the door of various poor people in Madina. It so happened that one morning the poor people woke up to find that there was no sack at their door. While they were wondering the reason they heard a poignant proclamation of the death of the grandson of Imam Ali (RadiAllahu Anhu) , Imam Zayn-al-abideen (RadiAllahu Anhu). The city of Madina was shaken up with this news and its people were deeply grieved.

The last duties began to be meticulously carried out for this heir of the Prophet (SalAllahu Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wassallam). When it came time to wash his body, the person who performed the task saw some large boils on the back of the Imam. He was surprised and could not understand the reason. Somebody from the ahl’ul bayt who knew his secret explained:

“Every morning Zayn-al-abideen would carry sacks of provisions that he had prepared and take them to the doors of the poor. He would return without anyone seeing him. Nobody ever knew who it was that kept bringing these provisions. These wounds that you see on his back are what developed as a result of carrying them”.

(Ibn-i Kathir, al-Bidaya, IX, 112,133; Abu Nuaym, Hilye, III, 136)

Subhan Allah !!! This is the manifestation of sincerity in the heart. This is a sensitivity observed for a lifetime that refused to tarnish the reward for goodness with the compliments of mere mortals.


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