Friends of Allah…Sacrifice

During the first seven years of his commitment, Bahauddin Naqshiband (Alaihi Rehma) lived a life of valuable services ranging from serving the sick, needy, homeless and wounded animals, to cleaning up the roads that people used. He expressed the feeling of “nothingness” that peaked in his heart in the following lines:

The world is wheat, I am hay,
The world is nice, I am bad…

He also stated that he had achieved the greatest divine inspirations during the years of these services.

Because Imam Abu Hanifa (Rahimahullah) refused to issue a judicial opinion upon the personal desires of the caliph, he chose prison instead of being the chief justice of Baghdad. Thus he manifested a great example of justice and righteousness at the expense of his own life.

Imam Ahmad b. Hanbal (Rahimahullah) chose to be a tortured prisoner as a result of his opinion in the famous debate of whether the Qur’an was created or not, rather than compromising his opinion and what he believed to be the truth. In short, all these examples of bravery and strength through faith are only a few of the uncountable examples that reflect the exemplary good manners of the friends of Allah. They are the ones who are close to Allah the Almighty and hence who are freed from the terror and sadness of Hellfire.

If we truly love the saints (friends of Allah), the beloved servants of Allah, and want to be resurrected with them in the Hereafter, we must try to exemplify their good manners. By balancing our behavior with theirs, taking their actions as our own criteria, and trying to accomplish their spiritual state, we may reach eternal happiness, In sha Allah.



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