Awliya Allah (Friends of Allah)

Those who are the friends of Allah are not forgotten after their mortal bodies have left this world, rather they continue to live in the hearts of their loved ones and continue to guide them. Allah loves them and He has bestowed their love only upon those who are privileged. This is expressed in the Qur’ān as follows:

“On those who believe and work deeds of righteousness, will (Allah) Most Gracious bestow love.” (19:96)

The most vital love… A heartfelt affection which attracts many hearts like a magnet…

Isn’t the number of those who visit the tombs of Moulayi wa Murshidi Sarchasham e Uloom Zaahiri wa Baatini Qutub ul Aktaab Owaisi Hazrat Moulana Muhammad Amin Qureshi (Alai’hi Rehmah), Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Alai’hi Rehmah), Shah-ı Naqshiband (Alai’hi Rehmah), Jalal al-Din Rumi (Alai’hi Rehmah), Yunus Emre, or Hudayi (May Allah have mercy on their souls) every day enough to prove this fact?

The following story is a very nice manifestation of this reality:

Abbasid Caliph Harun al-Rashid was living in glory and luxury in Raqqa. One day Abdullah b. Mubarak came to Raqqa. All the people of the city went out of the city to welcome him. The caliph was practically all alone in the city. One of the concubines of the caliph wondered the reason for such a scene and asked:

“What is this? What is happening?” and she was told:

“A scholar from Khorasan came to the city. His name is Abdullah b. Mubarak. People went out to welcome him.”

Then the concubine said:

“The real sultanate is this one, not Harun al-Rashid’s; because, without a police force he cannot even gather his workers.”

This is the real sultanate; because, one day, all reigns in this world will end. However, the spiritual sultanate will continue with all its glory even after death. People are always in need of the sultans of the hearts. They look for them and follow their footsteps. This is why the friends of Allah, such as Hazrat Khuwaja Owais e Qarni, Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bithayi, Hazrat Moulana Muhammad Noor uz Zamaan Shah, Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani, Shah-ı Naqshiband, Jalal al-Din Rumi, Yunus Emre, or Hudayi (May Allah have mercy on their souls) and others, have been longed for, for centuries.

The spiritual appeal and affection of the friends of Allah is the secret behind their spiritual sultanate. Their exceptional qualities are also among the reasons of their esteemed state. The friends of Allah, who are completely lost in the love for the Messenger of Allah (fana fi al-Rasul) do not speak out of their own selfish desires. They are like the reed flute that has emptied its inner self from everything that keeps it away from Allah. All their talk and actions are actually reflections from the traditions and sayings of the prophets. Their hearts are like clear mirrors upon which the divine light of Allah and the truth are reflected. This reality is expressed in the following saying of the Prophetﷺ

“…And the most beloved things with which My slave comes nearer to Me, is what I have enjoined upon him; and My slave keeps on coming closer to Me through performing Nawafil (praying or doing extra deeds besides what is obligatory) till I love him, so I become his sense of hearing with which he hears, and his sense of sight with which he sees, and his hand with which he grips, and his leg with which he walks; and if he asks Me, I will give him, and if he asks My protection (Refuge), I will protect him; (i.e. give him My Refuge) and I do not hesitate to do anything as I hesitate to take the soul of the believer, for he hates death, and I hate to disappoint him.” (Bukhari, Kitab al-Riqaq, 38)

Their spiritual world is an exceptional place where the beautiful attributes of Allah the Almighty are manifested. The most repeated attributes of our Lord in the Noble Qur’ān, “Rahman” (The Compassionate) and “Rahim” (The Merciful), are reflected in the hearts of the friends of Allah as a mercy for all creation. Seeing creation through the window of mercy and compassion of the Creator has been the doctrine of their lives.


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