The companions of the Prophetﷺ manifested the best examples of manners towards the Prophetﷺ. They depicted their state of respect as follows:

“We sat down around the Prophetﷺ so quietly that as if birds were over our heads and if we moved that they would fly away.”(See Abū Dawūd, Sunnah, 23-24/4753; Ibn Mājah, Janāiz, 37)

The companions’ respect towards the Messenger of Allahﷺ was so great that most of the time they even considered it rude to ask him questions. Because of this, they would wish for a bedouin from the desert would come and ask the Prophetﷺ the questions they had in mind, so that they could too benefit from his answers.

Out of their respect, there were very few companions who could look at the face of the Prophetﷺ. It is even narrated that among the companions only ‘Omar and Abū Bakr (RadiAllahu Anhum) could look at Prophet’s face during his sermons. (Tirmidhī, Manāqib, 16/3668)

‘Amr b. Āṣ, conqueror of Egypt, explains this as follows:

“And then no one as or dear to me than the Messenger of Allahﷺ and none was more sublime in my eyes than he, Never could I, pluck courage to catch a full glimpse of his face due to its splendor. So if I am asked to describe his features, I cannot do that for I have not eyed him fully.” (Muslim, Kitāb al-Imān, 192)

When we dare to describe the Messenger of Allahﷺ with our limited understanding, we ask for Allah’s forgiveness for our unintentional mistakes in describing His Messengerﷺ.



-An excerpt from “From the exemplary manners of Friends of Allah”


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