Hijab readiness

I am 13 years old , my dad insists that I wear my hijab to school and commit to it but I don’t feel ready yet. I feel when you start wearing it you never take it off to attend anywhere etc only around immediate family members and I am not quite ready for that commitment. What should I do?

There may be a spiritual readiness you feel is missing from the picture of yourself wearing hijab at this point but you are physically ready enough by virtue of being a Muslima of age.

This is what your father’s insistence reflects, not the hidden aspects of your personality. What matters right now is to continue to meet the basic requirements of the Shari`a that apply to your situation, age, sex etc. just like having to pray Salat even when one does not feel like it.

One has a lifetime, In sha’ Allah, to work on strengthening readiness and commitment.

-Shaykh Hajj Gibril


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