Allah’s Knowledge of the Unseen

It is the belief of the Ahle Sunnat wa Jama’at that the knowledge of unseen which is by Almighty Al’laah is His Self (unattained) Knowledge and He does not gain it from anyone.

This is known as Ilm-e-Zaati. Almighty Al’laah says in the Holy Qur’aan:

“Al’laah is He, besides whom there is none worthy of worship. (He is) the Knower of every hidden and visible thing. It is He who is the Compassionate, Most Merciful.” [Surah Hashr Verse.22]

“The Knower of everything hidden and apparent, The Greatest, The Most Supreme.” [Surah Ar Ra’ad Verse.9]

“Undoubtedly You alone are the Knower of all that is unseen.” [Surah Al Maaídah Verse.109]

One must note the important fact, that Al’laah does not attain knowledge from anyone, for His knowledge is ilm-e-Zaati, in other words, His Self Knowledge. To enquire would prove that He does not possess Divine Self knowledge. To believe that Almighty Al’laah enquires from anyone is total kufr and against the Qur’aan and the Hadith.



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