The Value of Yourself | Shaykh Saadi al Shirazi (rahimahullah)

A wise youth from a noble family landed at a seaport of Turkey, and his baggage was deposited in a masjid due to his evident piety and wisdom.

One day the Imam said to him: “Sweep away the dust and rubbish from the masjid.” Immediately, the young man went away and no one saw him there again. Thus , the elders and followers supposed that he had no care to serve.


The next day, a servant of the masjid met him on the road and said: “ You acted wrongly in your stubborn judgment. Do you not know, O conceited youth, that men are dignified by service?”
Sorrowfully, the youth began to weep. “O soul-cherishing and heart-illuminating friend!” he answered; “I saw no dirt or rubbish in that holy place but my own corrupt self. Therefore, I retraced my steps, for a masjid is better off cleansed from such.”


Humility is the only ritual for a devotee. If you desire greatness, be humble; there is no other ladder by which to climb.


Extract from the Bustan of Shaykh Saadi al Shirazi: Chapter IV; Concerning Humility


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