Three Laughs and Three Tears

It is reported form Abu Al-Darda – ALLAH be pleased with him – that he said, “Three make me laugh, and three make me cry.
Those that make me laugh are

  • a person who puts his hopes in this worldly life while death pursues him,
  • a person who is heedless [of his Lord] while [his Lord] is not heedless of him, and
  • a person who always laughs while he does not know whether he has pleased ALLAH or angered Him.

What makes me cry is

  • being separated from my beloved: Prophet Muhammad  (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam)   and his party (the Companions),
  • the horrors of the time of death, and
  • standing in front of ALLAH ‘azza wa jall on the Day when the secrets will be revealed and I do not know will I then go to Paradise or Hell?”

Ibn Al-Mubarak, Al-Zuhd wa Al-Raqa`iq, article 250.


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