Imām Ahmad Ridā Khān al-Qādirī Rahmatullāhi Alayh stated:

“The blessed wilada [blessed birth] of the Master of Creation sal Allahu `alayhi wa sallam is the `asl [essence/reality] of all blessings.”


The most blessed day has approached us so that we can pay our gratitude towards Allah The Most high for His endless blessing upon us.Lets celebrate this beautiful day together with sending lots of salawat upon The Beloved Prophetﷺ .Kindly also remember our people from Syria, Palestine,Kashmir,Burma and all over the world who are suffering as all the dua’s on this day will be accepted in the court of RasulAllahﷺ Insha’Allah.

Eid Milad un Nabiﷺ Mubarak to all hisﷺ followers

“Wheresoever it fell, Life itself was revived
Peace be upon that life-bestowing gaze.


A mouth whose every word: divine revelation!
Peace be upon the fount of knowledge and wisdom

Wherever his hand was raised he made others rich
Peace be upon the waves of this Sea of Bounty!!”


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